Unlike its neighbors in Southeast Asia, Thailand’s past is void of modern colonization. This fierce independence results in a distinctly Thai experience for visitors who meet the glittering temples, ancient monuments, opulent palaces, welcoming hill tribes, spicy cuisine and colorful markets of this vibrant country.

“Thailand is a place I return to again and again, always finding something new to discover! Whether a first-time traveler to Asia or one who has traveled there extensively, Thailand has something for everyone.”—Dianna Upton, Consultant


See and do:

  • Bargain like a local at the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
  • Explore Bangkok’s colorful and chaotic Chinatown
  • Bask on gorgeous white sand beaches of the Andaman Sea
  • Connect culturally with northern hill tribes in Thailand’s Golden Triangle

Pairs well with:

  • Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and more – With a fantastic international airport and easy flight connections, Thailand is a gateway to Southeast Asia and beyond.

The spirit of Thailand is energetic, lively and colorful. Warm and engaging Thais are eager to share with travelers the many highlights of their vibrant culture, rich landscapes, impressive architecture and (most importantly) contagious ethos of fun. Celebrate the festive spirit at any hour: wander floating markets in the early morning, explore the spiritual elements of Buddhist temples midday, savor delicious Thai food over a romantic dinner on the river and enjoy a tropical cocktail and stunning view at one of Bangkok’s many rooftop bars and lounges.

The capital of Bangkok is known as Krung Thep or “City of Angels” to the Thai people–an awe-inspiring city of skyscrapers, temples and palaces set against the backdrop of the Chao Phraya River (“The River of Kings”) which still serves as a the lifeline of the city. In contrast to Bangkok’s impressive skyline, the northern cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai feature breathtaking mountains, cascading waterfalls and hill tribes for natural wonders worth exploring. After city adventures and active exploration, the stunning beaches of Phuket offer the perfect scenery for relaxation, with dramatic rock formations and limestone cliffs jutting out of the calming turquoise waters.

While some beachside resorts boast “off the charts” luxury, accommodations in the cities range from hip boutiques to elegant 5-star luxury. As a tourism hotspot in Southeast Asia, Thailand’s range of accommodation options can meet any taste and budget. Best yet, the service in Thailand is accompanied by a genuine and heartfelt smile.

Trip Inspirations

Tuk Tuks, Temples and Traditions


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