A Covid-19 Pre-Travel Check List

Travel at this moment in time necessitates a few more logistics, be it forms to complete or tests to administer. Rules and regulations are constantly in flux, with guidelines changing at a moment’s notice. Travel Beyond actively monitors requirements for our travelers, but setting off on a trip still calls for a good deal of flexibility. There are also a handful of action items you can take to ensure you are as prepared for the unexpected as possible:

  1. Read your Travel Beyond documents immediately and thoroughly, highlighting the important COVID requirements for your trip. Your Pre-Travel Checklist and Itinerary are excellent resources as you prepare for travel.
  2. Create calendar reminders to notify you when it is time to complete certain entry forms and/or administer your COVID tests. Copy and paste any applicable links directly into the reminder, so that once it pops up, you can easily access the form or website. This will help ensure you are actioning all items within the required windows and that nothing falls through the cracks as departure day approaches.
  3. Check your flight itinerary regularly or set up email notifications through the airline website, as schedule changes are common. You can also use the Sherpa website to stay up-to-date on specific airport regulations – but rest assured Travel Beyond is doing this on your behalf, too!
  4. Schedule an appointment with a medical travel clinic as soon as possible. If you need an inoculation for travel, it is best to begin that process well in advance of your trip. This is particularly true if you are also getting your COVID vaccine, as at least 14 days must pass between receiving your COVID shot and any other.
  5. Purchase reusable masks. Laundry is often available while traveling and bringing cloth masks cuts down on waste.
  6. Make 2 colored copies of all important documents, including your flight itinerary, travel insurance, any eVisas, and most importantly your negative COVID-Test.
  7. Start packing early. Because many of the COVID requirements can’t be actioned until far closer to your departure date, having your bags packed and any missing equipment purchased well in advance will lessen the stress leading up to your trip.
  8. When in-country, expect a deeper nasal swab than usual. It can feel uncomfortable, but it doesn’t last long and is often a result of how seriously our partners and other countries are taking COVID protocols.

I recently visited Kenya and found that following these steps helped me feel well prepared for travel. While some COVID logistics did change during my trip, I’d been prepared for such and had everything necessary to take them in stride. Plus, I knew that everyone at Travel Beyond was there to ensure my trip ran smoothly.

So, never hesitate to reach out to your Consultant or any team member with questions, COVID-related or otherwise!