Vast, diverse, colorful, beautiful, authentic, raw and welcoming.  These words are just a few to describe the incredible country of India.  With its mix of religion, culture, geography and lifestyle, there is so much to explore and see.

“I was prepared for India, but I was not prepared for my reaction: I fell head over heels in love, and I fell hard! I am without any doubt more than a little lovesick for India since having returned home.”

India Destination


See and do:

  • Visit Rajasthan to experience iconic India with snake charmers, vibrant cities, and elephants and camels in the desert
  • Spend time at the beach or in the jungle to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city
  • Visit Varanasi, a city that has historic and religious significance beyond Western comprehension

A trip to India is a delight for the senses. With all its variety, India feels more like a series of countries strung together than a cohesive whole. As you move from region to region, you will be exposed to dramatic changes in climate, cuisine, dress, language, religion, custom, and tradition. Your time in India will truly be unforgettable.

India is home to many iconic sites – of which the Taj Mahal tops the list. The country’s religious shrines, magnificent architecture, great works of art, and much more are sure to stir the senses like no other. India’s natural beauty is also worth noting. The Himalayas, beaches and beautiful countryside are enviable.

Whether you visit for a family vacation or private excursion we recommend your first trip to India be through an organized tour. Regardless, the mix of 5 star hotels and luxury resorts in India will surround you with modern-day amenities, historic architecture and scenery you won’t want to take your eyes off.

Trip Inspirations

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With endless variety, color and charm, India treats the senses to a spectacular and spiritual experience. Soar over Jaipur on a hot air balloon, and tour India's opulent forts, mosques and palaces. Taste the culture at a traditional spice market and in the kitchen of an Indian home. Travel the Golden Triangle formed by Delhi, Agra and Jaipur to uncover India's hidden gems.

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