Why Travel Beyond

Growing up in an adventurous family, I had the opportunity to travel during school vacations. These experiences fostered a love of exploration that has manifested in my life in many ways, from choosing to work at a school focused on the idea of a “global student” to pursuing interests in photography and writing. Travel Beyond presented me with the opportunity to turn my passion into my profession, something that seemed too good to be true. I’m excited by the prospect of helping others fall in love with travel as I have and to see firsthand the power it possesses: to shape perspectives, to build bridges, and to ultimately change lives.

Destinations Visited

Botswana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Antarctica, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Turkey, Morocco, India, United Arab Emirates, Maldives, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand


BA in US History, with a minor in Education from Bowdoin College

Career History

I spent nine years working in the field of education, as both a primary school teacher and administrator, before deciding to pursue my interest in travel.

Where I’ve Lived Abroad

I spent a summer working in Cusco, Peru and then subsequently studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a semester. I also spent a summer working in India.

Most Memorable Travel Experience

While I’ve loved every travel experience, I have narrowed it down to two. The first would have to be Antarctica. It had been on my bucket list forever and after years of pestering my parents, they finally agreed. So, following a few days in Buenos Aires, wandering through my old stomping grounds, we set off for the Frozen Continent. Each moment of the trip was everything I’d imagined and more: humpback whales bubble net feeding, their open mouths emerging from below the water’s surface; chinstrap and gentoo penguins cuddling alongside their adorably fluffy chicks; two pods of orcas just off the bow, swimming through water shining gold in the setting sun; boating through a sea of icebergs and alongside jagged peaks coated in snow. All I can say is, ten days wasn’t nearly long enough.

The other is one particular day within a larger multi-week Himalayan trek. I’d already spent two weeks in Bhutan and thirteen days hiking in Nepal when my group took a slight detour to visit Hinang Gompa, a monastery tucked in a side valley off the main Manaslu trail. As we neared, we noticed smoke billowing from the main temple and heard the music of ancient instrument carrying in the breeze. Turns out, we had arrived in the midst of their annual puja (a Buddhist religious ceremony) and sat with the monks all afternoon, listening to their chants and watching their practice. It was one of the most unique, and most authentic travel experiences I’ve had.

My Most Recent Trip

My most recent trip was to Kenya in June of 2021. After over a year of staying home, I couldn’t wait to explore a new corner of Africa and our two weeks on safari far exceeded even my wildest dreams. Starting in Lewa, my friend Anna and I watched a demonstration from the Conservancy’s anti-poaching canine unit, spotted numerous rhino, including a three month old calf, and spent a morning on horseback, getting far closer to giraffe than I ever thought possible. In Loisaba, we enjoyed sundowners alongside a leopard family and were treated to incredible bush meals, complete with lanterns, a firepit and full bar. From there, it was off to Mara Plains, for a few days in a luxurious riverside tent. Here, we had the good fortune of witnessing a cheetah stalk, chase, and bring down a Thompson gazelle. Watching it run, full speed, in the open plain, is something I will never forget. Our guide also found us lion and leopard that same morning, giving us our first African Cat-Trick. The final stop on our epic adventure was Ngare Serian, from where we hot air ballooned over the Masai Mara and spent an evening in the camp’s newly refurbished tree house. Topping it all off we stumbled upon an adorable cheetah family and the tiniest of lion cubs. From the accommodations to the animal sightings, the food to the various daily activities, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect introduction to Kenya!