Why Travel Beyond

I’ve loved traveling ever since I was a kid because through travel, I’ve gotten to experience so many things. I learn something new and come away with a different perspective after every trip. I’ve always been interested in the world’s geography and fascinated with its people – their heritage, cultures and how they interact with their environment. Incorporating these passions with my background to help provide others with life-changing experiences and unforgettable memories feels like my life’s calling.

Destinations Visited

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Greece and Russia.


I received a BA in Marketing and Communication in Media from St. Olaf College. I was fortunate enough to study abroad every year of my undergraduate career. This included living with a host family and continuing my learning of the Spanish language in Costa Rica, walking in the steps of Greece’s famous history, studying cross-cultural communication in Denmark and learning about the arts and culture of Australia and New Zealand.

Career History

I previously worked in marketing and sales for a travel company in northeast Minneapolis. I also worked as a Communication Program Assistant for a study abroad organization in Copenhagen, where I wore many hats. The most exciting part of my job was to plan and lead student groups around Europe.

Where I’ve Lived Abroad

Copenhagen, Denmark

Most Memorable Travel Experience

It’s impossible for me to single out one experience as the most memorable because each trip always offers new memories, insights and adventures. A small piece of each place I visit becomes ingrained in me in one way or another. However, I might consider my time studying and working in Copenhagen the most life changing, as it provided me with several unique opportunities and reaffirmed my desire to work in the travel industry.

My most recent trip

In August, I went back to Copenhagen to visit my host family, friends and previous colleagues. Summer is an amazing time to bike around and explore new areas of the ever-evolving city. Whether you’re looking for architecture, green spaces, history, art or just some good old-fashioned Danish pastries, Copenhagen never disappoints.