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Polar Regions
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Destinations Visited

Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador (Galapagos), Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas, Antigua, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Alaska, Canadian Arctic, England, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Dubai, Tanzania, Mozambique, Comoros, Seychelles, Laos, Cambodia


Bachelor of Science in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from Tulane University.

Career History

For my first job out of college, I worked for an Outward Bound environmental education program for kids that used the platform of small, live-aboard sailing/rowing boats. After that summer, I was inspired to pursue a career on the water as a professional mariner. I achieved my Captain’s license at age 23 and worked my way up to the position of Second Mate for Lindblad Expeditions onboard the National Geographic expedition ships in Alaska and Mexico for 3 years. On the water for 9 years in total, I worked and sailed on many different vessels from traditional sailing schooners to private mega-yachts to racing sailboats to expedition ships.

Before joining Travel Beyond, I worked for 8 years at Mountain Travel Sobek (MT Sobek) in both sales and program management focusing on Galapagos, Polar, Alaska, and Latin America destinations.

Most Memorable Travel Experience

There are so many! So I will have to name a few:

  • Watching Northern Lights in Alaska while listening to Humpback Whales surfacing and exhaling all around the boat
  • Being on watch and steering under full sail in the middle of the night while sailing hundreds of miles offshore
  • Coming into Antarctica by plane, landing at Frei Station, and stepping off onto the dirt ground
  • Swimming with Whale Sharks near La Paz, Mexico
  • The smell of any foreign country when you step off of a plane

My Most Recent Trip

Israel and Jordan!