Why Travel Beyond

I love to have new experiences and discover different places. I’ve always wanted to share my passion for travel with people and help others have those unforgettable experiences.

Destinations Visited

Botswana, Zimbabwe,Kenya, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, London, Morocco, U.S. Virgin Islands, various parts of the U.S.


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management – Colorado State University

Career History

Manager at Courtyard Marriott – Jupiter, Florida

Where I’ve lived abroad

Florence, Italy

Most Memorable Travel Experience

When I was in Marrakech, Morocco, we were hiking near the Atlas Mountains and a small nomad family invited us into their home for traditional mint tea. They showed us their farm, and their grandmother made us all homemade mint tea, showing us the traditional way of making it. We then learned that the offering of mint tea is a sign of welcoming and hospitality in Morocco. That’s when I realized why I love traveling so much: experiencing all different forms of hospitality around the world and knowing that we are all connected in that way.