Real ID 2-Year Reprieve Granted – Travel Beyond in Star Tribune

Travel Beyond was featured in a recent Star Tribune article which announced a federal extension on deadlines associated with the Real ID act. The extension gives Minnesota, Illinois, New Mexico, Missouri and Washington two years to bring state identification into compliance with the new federal laws for flying on commercial airlines.

As the article explains,

The Real ID Act, approved by Congress in 2005, set minimum standards for licenses in response to security concerns following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks…For a license to be compliant with the Real ID Act, the state issuing it must, for example, incorporate anti-counterfeit technology into the card, verify the applicant’s identity and conduct background checks for employees involved in issuing driver’s licenses.

Travel Beyond’s airline travel specialist Phillip Gain was interviewed for the article. While Travel Beyond’s clients travel internationally and already carry passports that serve as approved identification, Phil acknowledged that the extension is helpful for those without passports who travel domestically:

Phillip Gain, an airline travel specialist with the Wayzata-based Travel Beyond, said some clients had expressed concern over whether their Minnesota identification cards would be turned away for air travel.

Once he learned that Homeland Security had issued a two-year reprieve for states, he said the news was ‘a relief to all of us, but especially for agencies who do a lot more domestic travel,’ he said.”

As always, Travel Beyond will continue to monitor the status of Real ID and other state, federal and international regulations regarding travel.

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