Why Travel Beyond

I have always wanted to learn more about travel and the experiences that come with it. I also wanted a job where I could help create something for others that would really bring them happiness and lifelong memories. When I learned about Travel Beyond, what really spoke to me was that employees aren’t motivated by commissions, but rather by the desire to help create an amazing experience for their clients, for the sake of helping. I hope to provide the same amazing experiences for future clients.


BS in Early Childhood Education, Minnesota State University – Moorhead

Career History

I started out as a part-time substitute teacher and house cleaner. When the pandemic hit, I became a distance learning teacher and taught summer school until I became a lead teacher of a Pre-K classroom in Chanhassen. After some time, I found that I wanted to move in another direction and while searching for a new way to help people, I discovered Travel Beyond. I am so excited to learn the business and be helpful in my new role!

Most Memorable Travel Experience

While on South Padre Island in Texas, I went horseback riding on the beach at sunrise. Even though I love doing it, I rarely get to ride horses anymore, so I was super excited when I was presented with the opportunity to do it again in such a fun way. For most of the ride, the trail guides took the group on a leisurely walk along the beach so we could really take in the sun as it slowly rose over the ocean. Once we had more sunlight, those of us with more riding experience were even given permission to take our horses on a brief run down the beach! The ocean sunrise was truly breathtaking, but riding freely down the beach afterward really made it one of the most memorable experiences of the trip for me.

My Most Recent Trip

I drove to South Padre, an island off the southeast coast of Texas, with a few friends. We took turns behind the wheel throughout the long trip down from Minnesota and spent the rest of the week at leisure. During the first few days, we walked the entire length of the beach, went parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico, and visited the sea turtle rescue center. I did some sunrise horseback riding on the beach too! It was so fun to explore the small island. We spent a lot of time at the beach and one day my friend competed in a sandcastle building contest while the rest of us enjoyed the sun and ocean with great music, food, and drinks!