Why Travel Beyond

I believe traveling is one of the best things we can do in our lives. It opens our eyes to other cultures, it’s an opportunity to try new cuisines, and most importantly in my opinion, allows us to create lifelong friendships with people all over the world. Working at Travel Beyond is a dream job because I get to be a part of a larger team who share the same belief!

Destinations Visited

Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe
Additional countries: Scotland, England, Ireland, Greece, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy

Most Memorable Travel Experience

While visiting Greece, I was lucky enough leave the mainland and spend a few nights in Santorini and Corfu. My group and I were able to explore the small towns, beautiful forests, and the olive groves in Corfu via quad bikes, and spend the rest of our evenings relaxing on one of the many beaches. In Santorini we spent most of our time exploring the streets of Oia and Thera, eating some amazing food, and getting to know the locals, who were some of the most welcoming people I have met. Both islands were beautiful beyond words and I consider it a trip of a lifetime.

Most Recent Trip

In November 2019 my boyfriend and I took a trip to the Netherlands. It was his first trip to Europe, so it was very special to share that new experience with him. We explored the streets of Amsterdam, floated along the canals, wandered through the many museums the city has to offer, and ate some amazing food. My favorite part of the trip was dining at a small family owned restaurant on our last night. We had just found out the restaurant we made reservations for was closed and didn’t have very high expectations for this last minute change. The owner ended up sitting down with us and explained the history of all the food on her menu, one being her great grandma’s famous meatloaf recipe. She danced and sang her way to all the customers while serving their meals as we all clapped along. We only had plans to have a quick dinner and ended with an unforgettable experience.