Why Travel Beyond

Working at Travel Beyond is so special because you get to be surrounded by people who prioritize travel and experiences. I admire the depth of knowledge that Travel Beyond employees have and their ability to use that to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I look forward to coming to work every day to learn something new about the world. 

Destinations Visited

Africa: Kenya and Tanzania
Latin America: Costa Rica
Additional countries: Netherlands, Bahamas, Canada


BA in Anthropology, St. Lawrence University 

Career History

Right out of college I worked for a publicly traded chemistry company. While there, I held many roles ranging from Administrative Assistant to the CEO to Bid Writer. I then took several years off from paid work to be a stay-at-home mother and to help my family settle into the different regions of the US to which we moved- from New York to Alabama to California and finally to Minnesota. Most recently, I worked at the Chanhassen library and loved helping to get books into people’s hands. 

Where I’ve Lived Abroad

During college I studied abroad in Kenya and traveled to Tanzania. 

Most Memorable Travel Experience

During my semester in Kenya, I took part in three homestays which included living with a mother/daughter duo in Nairobi for several weeks, living with a family in the Meru countryside for one week, and living with a Samburu family for two days. I was also fortunate to spend a day walking with and learning from the Hadza. While there were several other highlights, such as spending time on safari in the Ngorongoro Crater, it was the connections I made with the local people that made my time in Kenya truly special. 

My Most Recent Trip

My most recent trip overseas was to Costa Rica in January 2022 with my husband, two children, and extended family. We went zip lining, horseback riding, drove ATVs, spent time in mud baths and hot springs, and rode a waterslide in the middle of the jungle. My children were especially excited to drive the ATVs themselves. One particular highlight was spotting a sloth during one of our outings. We were outside of the rainforest, in a region where sloths tend to be few and far between, which made the sighting all the more special. There was plenty of good food and also downtime at the pool and beach; but the most enjoyable part of the trip was spending time with family we don’t often get to see.