Why Travel Beyond

I’m always learning! On my own time, I love to dream, research and plan my next travel adventure. To now have the opportunity to see what others create for their once-in-a-lifetime journey is a perfect alignment of my passion for being a lifelong learner and explorer.

Destinations Visited

Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, The Bahamas


BA in Psychology, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
MA in Nonprofit Management and Business Administration, Hamline University

Career History

I kicked off my career in the nonprofit sector where over the course of seven years, I worked in grantmaking, fundraising, and communications. I’ve always had a passion for travel as my parents were avid adventurers and fortunately for me, I was able to go with them throughout my childhood. When the opportunity to join Travel Beyond crossed my path, it was something I couldn’t pass up, and I am thrilled to make the career change.

My Most Recent Trip

In early February, I traveled to Peru. Of course, I visited the coveted Machu Picchu, and yes, it took my breath away without a question. The magic of the mountains, Inca ruins and passing clouds/fog made this a truly unforgettable experience. Additionally, I spent time in Lima, Arequipa, Colca Valley and Lake Titicaca. Each of these locations had something special to add to my experience in Peru. The sights, smells, tastes and sounds will stay with me. Because of Peru’s unique location, with 28 of the world’s 32 climates, it’s extremely diverse and leaves you itching for more.