Why Travel Beyond

I have always loved to travel and explore new places.  I think being a part of the process and helping people create once-in-a-lifetime memories is quite beautiful.  Being able to learn about these destinations and the culture is fascinating.

Career History

My whole life I have been in the service industry.  Whether it was my start at Dairy Queen at 15yrs old, waitressing, or working retail as a cosmetic manager, working with people has always been what I look forward to.  I am quite creative and since then have surrounded myself with jobs that fulfill that.

Most Memorable Travel Experience

My now husband, Cody, and I visited Montana in June.  The beauty of the teal glacier waters and the majestic mountains really gave a beautiful scenery that we could see immediately out from where we stayed.  The very first day we were there, we explored in the back of our Airbnb.  At sunset, we came to a meadow of Beargrass and the sun beams were coming through the trees onto the flowers.  In that moment, Cody proposed and although it was simple, it was such a beautiful, scenic trip that I will never forget.

My Most Recent Trip

My most recent trip was in Maui, Hawaii with my husband.  We were able to set aside time to lie on the beautiful beach and enjoy wonderful food near the hotel.  Some days we had activities planned like Whale Watching.  Being so close to one of the biggest mammals was so fascinating.  We got to meet some locals that showed us some of the places with the best waves for surfing.  We got to observe surfers being helicoptered in on a wave spot they call “Jaws.”  Later in the trip, we rented a car and drove “The Road to Hana.”  This road is a 64.4 mi. drive and the most scenic in Maui and takes about three hours from point A to point B.  Along the way we got to see beautiful landscapes, ocean views, and waterfalls.  The trip was truly magical.