Helpful Travel Apps

By The Experts at Travel Beyond

We know that technology can prove quite helpful when traveling and yet the number of apps available can feel overwhelming. Which is the best for what? What do they cost to download? How do I decide between a few that appear to serve the same purpose? To sort through the options, the experts at Travel Beyond chimed in, sharing the free apps they use most often, and advising which are an absolute must for any upcoming adventures.

TripCase or Airline App (Phil, Air Specialist): When booking air through Travel Beyond, TripCase is the app in which all of your flight itineraries will be housed. It updates in real time, which allows you to keep track of departure changes while traveling. You can also add any flights you might have booked separately, making it the perfect hub for all your air travel! Should you handle flights independently, it is highly encouraged you download that airline’s app, whether it be Delta, United, Qatar etc.

WhatsApp (Craig, Owner): Because this messaging platform does not require a data plan, it makes communicating with loved ones and tour operators a total breeze. As long as you and your family have downloaded the app prior to departure, all you’ll need to stay in touch is Wi-Fi. Many lodges, hotels, and guides also use WhatsApp, which means travelers can also easily reach out to their service providers while in-country. The app is truly the best way to ensure hassle free communication.

Apple Books and/or Kindle (Melanie, Consultant): Prior to travel, you will receive two sets of final documents from Travel Beyond, one emailed and the other printed. While many use the hard copies to prepare, not everyone plans to bring them along, opting instead to rely on the digital versions. Rather than simply housing them in your email, Apple Books is a great place to save the most important e-docs, including your itinerary, flight details, insurance etc. It comes pre-loaded on every iPhone and by adding each item to your “library” before departure, you will have access regardless of WiFi. For those using an Android, you can download the Kindle App and save your important travel documents here instead!

MyTSA (Joleen, Brand Manager): For those who are always wondering what time to arrive at any US-based airport, this app provides insight into expected security wait times. Simply type in an airport (and terminal) and you have access to the typical wait at any given time of day (for example: expect 15 minutes on Tuesdays at 6pm), as well as a display of the current wait time should you be heading to the airport at that moment. Users can also add favorite airports, message TSA directly, and add Known Traveler Numbers so they are always handy.

Camera Connect (Canon) or Imaging Edge (Sony) (Callie, Sales Operation Manager): Many of us travel with fancier cameras, excited to not only capture the beauty of the destination, but also share the images with those back home. These two apps, one for Canon and the other for Sony, allow you to download the photos from your camera onto your phone simply using Wi-Fi. You can then easily email or text your favorites to friends and family, instantly sharing your experiences with others.

AppBox or AppBox Pro (Alison, Brand Associate): This app combines 16 tools into one, some of which are not relevant to travel but others are extremely useful. Within AppBox, you can convert USD into any other global currency, with an exchange rate that is updated in real-time (as long as you’re connected to WiFi). There is also an entire section dedicated to units of measurement. Here, you can convert volumes, distances, weights, and temperatures into and out of the metric system.

LoungeBuddy (Kota, Managing Director for Africa): This app provides information about and access to airport lounges around the world. First, you can input any lounge access you already have (due to status, credit cards etc.). Next, simply create a trip by noting your travel dates and the airports through which you are flying. You can then see which lounges are available for your use, as well as how you can purchase a day pass, if you don’t already have access. These are available to buy up to two months in advance of your trip. The app is a great way to ensure your airport stays are more comfortable!

With all of these apps newly downloaded, the final recommendation is that you merge them into one folder labeled Travel. Then, with one quick click, you’ll have access to all that you’ll need to ensure the best trip possible!