A baby mountain gorilla with his mother in Uganda.

Mountain Gorilla Census: Uganda & Rwanda

Updated as of June 21, 2024

(Note: Census numbers are generally updated every five years, subject to availability of financial resources.)

The success of mountain gorilla conservation efforts in Uganda and Rwanda stands as a testament to the power of dedicated conservation initiatives. Through collaborative efforts between governments, conservation organizations, local communities, and international partners, significant strides have been made in protecting and restoring the habitat of mountain gorillas. As a result, mountain gorilla populations in both countries have seen steady growth in recent years, marking an extraordinary conservation success story.

A gorilla “family” typically consists of several individuals, including silverbacks (adult males), adult females, juveniles, and infants. The size of each gorilla family can vary, with some families having as few as 10 members and others having over 30 members. Population numbers are not static and can change due to factors such as births, deaths, and natural migration.

Below are the gorilla families that make up the population in each country.


Last Census: 2018

Location: Volcanoes National Park
Families: There are 14 habituated gorilla families.
Individuals: The estimated population of Mountain Gorillas is 1,063.

  1. Amahoro Group
  2. Agashya Group
  3. Hirwa Group
  4. Igisha Group
  5. Isimibi Group
  6. Karisimbi Group (Susa B Group)
  7. Kwitonda Group
  8. Kwisanga Group
  9. Muhoza Group
  10. Noheli Group
  11. Sabinyo Group
  12. Susa A Group
  13. Umubano Group
  14. Urwego Group


Last Census: 2018

Location: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Families: There are 25 habituated gorilla families.
Individuals: The estimated population of Mountain Gorillas is 459.

Buhoma Area
  1. Mubare
  2. Rushagura
  3. Habinyanja
  4. Katwe
  5. Binyindo
  6. Muyambi
Ruhija Area
  1. Oruzogo
  2. Mukiza
  3. Bitukura
  4. Kyaguriro
  5. Happy
Rushaga Area
  1. Busingye
  2. Mishaya
  3. Bweza
  4. Kahungye
  5. Bikingi – for gorilla habituation
  6. Mucunguzi
  7. Tindatine
  8. Nshongi
  9. Kutu
  10. Rwigi
Nkuringo Area
  1. Nkuringo
  2. Christmas
  3. Posho
  4. Bishaho