A rhino in Zimbabwe.

Singita Pamushana: A Little Slice of Heaven

Singita Pamushana is a slice of heaven here on Earth, located in a stunning and picturesque habitat in remote southeastern Zimbabwe. The name is perfect, as Singita means “place of miracles” and Pamushana means “a place in the sun.” Combined together this name truly reflects the special paradise of this safari lodge. From the moment you arrive and are welcomed with a traditional hand washing ritual, to the moment the staff gathers for a final goodbye, everything was perfect.


Guests with their safari guides and rhinos in the background.

You can’t reflect on a stay at Singita Pamushana without acknowledging the incredible staff. To me, the heart and soul of a safari lodge is its people. Many lodges can offer good wildlife viewing, but it’s the people that make the experience so memorable and unforgettable. The staff here are warm and welcoming, and are truly excited to share this wonderland with visitors. Many of them have been at the camp for 10+ years, and they are like a family. Their commitment to delivering outstanding service to their guests really shines through.

The lodge has an impressive location on top of a hill, with sweeping views of the dam below. The Malilangwe Reserve is quite large, over 100,000-acres, and it offers diverse habitats ranging from rocky sandstone hills, baobab forests, rivers, and grassy plains, all supporting a wide array of different wildlife species.


A rhino family in Zimbabwe.

Rhinos are well protected here, by the extraordinary efforts of the Malilangwe Trust, and both black and white rhinos are found here in abundance. We saw numerous rhino on multiple days! What I especially loved about the rhino viewing is that they all still have their horns, so you can view these beautiful creatures in all of their majesty. In some other regions, the rhino population is being dehorned, a regrettable but necessary step to make them less attractive to poachers.

Lions in Zimbabwe.

In addition to rhino, we also saw large breeding herds of elephants, three different lion prides, a huge herd of 300 + Cape buffalo on their way to a watering hole at night, plenty of giraffe and zebra, and much more.


Ancient rock art in Zimbabwe,

One afternoon we took a short hike to view ancient San Bushmen Rock Art dating back more than 2000 years; in all there are over 80 rock art sites in the reserve. Another afternoon we enjoyed a relaxing sundown cruise on the Malilangwe Dam.

Hippos in the water in Zimbabwe.

We spent time watching and listening to several different hippo pods, and our timing could not have been more perfect when we approached the water’s edge at the exact moment that the crocodiles decided to stop their sunbathing on the banks and run into the water. Although we didn’t have time to try our hand at fishing during our stay, this is a popular activity for many guests. There are also several photographic hides which overlook watering holes where you can sit and watch the animals as they come to drink. Pamushana has a strong relationship with the local community, and they also offer community visits where you can learn more about the local culture.


A suite at Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe.
Photo Credit: Singita

In between all of these outstanding activities, you will want to take some time to relax in your enormous and well-appointed room, which includes a large sitting area, private deck with plunge pool, fireplace, indoor and outdoor showers, plus bathtub with a view.


A salad and glass of wine

Dining is an important part of the experience at all of Singita’s lodges, and Pamushana was no exception. Each meal presented excellent and varied options, and I really liked their lighter healthy brunch menu options, with large and small portion sizes offered. One dinner featured musical entertainment from a local family who make their own instruments, paired with traditional Zimbabwean dishes including local bream, stewed okra, and even biltong in peanut sauce. And I still miss the daily focaccia selection!  Our butler Tich took care of us at every meal in the most pleasant and engaging way and truly interacted with us to make sure that we enjoyed every moment of our stay. Phillip, our wine steward, immediately recognized our interest in wines, and each night recommended special pairings for us for each course (and he made a killer Negroni too!).

With the perfect combination of the untouched, pristine wilderness and the incredible lodge team at Singita Pamushana, this is a must-see safari destination that delivers unforgettable memories to last a lifetime!

An elephant in the sunset in Zimbabwe.