Travel Beyond’s Chile Checklist

We asked Travel Beyond owner Craig Beal, South America product manager Jennifer Gillmore, travel associate Nicole Cooper, Asia product manager Dianna Upton, and consultants Bob Gaston and Kayla Torgerson for their top tips about travel to Chile.

If I could give one piece of advice about traveling to Chile, I would say:
Jennifer and Kayla: With so many unique places to visit it’s tempting to be ambitious and want to see everything. Chile spans more than 2,600 miles from north to south, and it’s easy to underestimate the time required getting between the remote highlights. If your travel window is limited, work with your consultant to choose the destinations you are most excited about so you can maximize your on-the-ground experience and minimize time spent in planes and vehicles. We recommend choosing 2-4 areas to explore for at least 3-5 nights each.
Craig: Torres del Paine is very far south! Remember that getting there can be a long day of travel, but it is absolutely worth the trip! Some flights are seasonal, so get some advice from your consultant about how to make the trip work best for you. Also remember to pay attention to the sunrise and sunset times when you are planning.
Nicole: Strap on your hiking boots. There’s so much to see and do.

One “can’t miss” experience in Chile is:
Dianna: The seaside town of Valparaiso. Known for its colorful houses and street art, it is a delightful day trip outside of Santiago along with nearby beach town Viña del Mar.
Craig: The Atacama Desert! It is like Utah, Palm Springs, and Zion all in one!
Jennifer: Experience the epic landscapes and wide-open skies of Atacama while glamping in comfort and style. Spend your days exploring the Andes mountains and unique rock and sand formations on foot or by bicycle. After a gourmet dinner prepared by your chef, stargaze in some of the world’s clearest and darkest skies before retiring to your decked out canvas tent complete with proper beds and a living area. A hot water shower awaits you in the morning before continuing your desert adventure!
Kayla and Nicole: Torres del Paine. It’s spectacular and shouldn’t be missed! You will hardly want to go back to your lodge each night, there’s just so much to take in. (Hiking in Torres Del Paine remains on Kayla’s list of top 3 destinations in the world!)
Bob: If you want to see King Penguins and haven’t got the time to travel to South Georgia, head for Tierra Del Fuego. It’s a long day trip from Punta Arenas, Argentina into southern Chile, but certainly worth it!

My favorite thing about Chile is:
Craig: Since visiting, I’ve thought fondly about the landscapes in Torres del Paine almost every day.
Jennifer and Kayla: Our favorite thing about Chile is the variety of experiences one can enjoy. From the desert landscapes of Atacama to the perfect glass of wine in the lush central valleys, from the rivers and volcanoes of the Lake District to the maritime culture of Chiloe, from the mountain spires of Patagonia to the moai statues of Easter Island, there is truly something for everyone in this sliver of paradise. All of these incredible changes in landscapes are breathtaking. Chile really does have it all.
Nicole: All of the outdoor activities, which come in many levels of difficulty. Try hiking, horseback riding, boating, fishing, biking and more- you’ll never want to go inside!

If you are interested in travel to Chile, please let us know! One of our travel consultants would love to share their expertise with you!