Travel Beyond’s Thailand Tips

We asked Travel Beyond product manager Dianna Upton, owner Kay Beal, travel associate Nicole Cooper and consultants Bob Gaston and Kayla Torgerson for their top tips about travel to Thailand.

If I could give one piece of advice about traveling to Thailand, I would say:
Nicole: Dive right in! Try new foods. Get to know the locals. Soak up the country’s rich history and beauty.
Dianna: Learn to slow down and take in all the incredible flavors, colors and smells around you. Thailand can seem chaotic at times; heavenly peaceful at others, but overall, the pace of life is one that is relaxed and enchanting. So allow yourself to embrace the Buddhist influences all around, and you will enjoy the experience that much more.
Bob: No need to over pack! It’s going to be warm.
Kayla: Spend time with the people. I found Thai people to be some of the kindest and most welcoming I’ve encountered. Don’t be too shy to strike up a conversation at a market, food vendor and more. Even if you cannot fully understand each other, it’s such a nice experience!

One “can’t miss” experience in Thailand is:
Dianna and Bob: Interacting with the elephants! Walking with the gentle giants through the forest, watching them bathe and enjoy life in their protected sanctuaries will always bring incredible joy. It’s an amazing way to get to know elephants up close.
Kay: Embarking on a local food tour on the back of a Vespa scooter in Chiang Mai! You really feel like you are part of the city and you get to enjoy incredible food!
Kayla and Nicole: The night markets in Chang Mai! I loved watching this city come alive at night with art for sale on the streets, tons of interesting foods to see/smell/taste, lights, and an awesome atmosphere. Day or night the markets are a fun experience.

My favorite thing about Thailand is:
Dianna: The people! They carry with them always a sense of what they call “sanuk,” which translates into finding satisfaction and pleasure in all that you do, even the everyday chores. This is why you always see such warm, smiling faces at markets in the mornings and along the riverside and in the cities. Being in Thailand will always make you smile!
Bob: Thailand has never been colonized by a European country so what you see and experience is truly Southeast Asian.
Kayla: Spending time in the temples. Sometimes the history and story behind the place doesn’t matter to me as much as just sitting in the silent and holy space taking in the energy of the monks and those coming for prayer or solace.
Nicole: The food, of course! The flavors are amazing and unique. You’ll never have authentic delicacies like this anywhere else.

If you are interested in travel to Thailand, please let us know! One of our travel consultants would love to share their expertise with you!