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Trip Inspiration

Extend Your Stay in Peru: Explore the Amazon

Experience the Wonders of the Amazon

Already spending time in Peru? In addition to the bustle of Lima, the beauty of the Sacred Valley and the mystery of Machu Picchu, consider adding an exploration of the iconic Amazon Rainforest to your adventure! The Amazon is sometimes known as the "River Sea" because of its imposing size, but you will be able to intimately experience many of her smaller waterways, pristine landscapes and varied wildlife. Discover the river aboard skiff, kayak and paddleboard and venture into the rainforest to explore both on land and an exciting canopy walk! Options abound and no matter which activities interest you, you are certain to discover some of the rivers most beautiful secrets.

Trip Highlights


  • Exploring the Amazon Rainforest aboard Delfin I


  • Observe wildlife, including cheeky monkeys, countless bird species, slow-moving sloths, and the Amazon’s infamous pink dolphins.
  • Board the skiffs and travel smaller waterways to go deep into the rain forest.
  • Use paddleboards or kayaks to spend time directly on the water.
  • Explore the rain forest from a new vantage point: 85-feet above the ground on a thrilling canopy walk.
  • Take advantage of the extensive knowledge of your naturalist guides!
  • Enjoy the comfortable surroundings and delicious cuisine aboard the ship.

What does “Trip Inspiration” mean?

At Travel Beyond, we believe your trip should be designed just for you, not for the masses. Our travel consultants create a custom itinerary for each client, offering recommendations for places and experiences that best fit your style. The itinerary below was planned for a past client, but we’re sharing it for travel inspiration and as an example of what adding on a trip to the Amazon River might look like. Let us know when we can design a trip just for you!

Trip Extension

Not ready to return back to reality? This Amazon cruise is an example of a trip extension that can be added onto any Peru trip and begins with a flight from Lima to Iquitos. This should not be viewed as a standalone itinerary, but rather an opportunity to add an extra experience focused on your own travel taste.


About the Delfin I

Life on board Delfin I means magnificent service, quiet intimacy and personal attention. Your Amazonian home has just four oversized suites, all with a private panoramic terrace and floor-to-ceiling windows to ensure your connection to nature. The two Deluxe Suites feature private outdoor cool water Jacuzzis on the deck for an extra special treat! On the ship’s top deck, you will find a comfortable lounge area and bar where you can watch the jungle unfold before your eyes.

Daily Activities

Each day, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the culture and natural environment of the Amazon’s diversity. Depending on the day’s itinerary, you may board a skiff to get up close to the river’s hidden treasures, take a trail walk in the rainforest or even a canopy walk high above the trees! Enjoy the Amazon waterways on kayak or paddleboard or try your hand at fishing! Observe the region’s unique wildlife (keep your eye out for the pink dolphins!) and incredible natural beauty.

Day 1

Arrive Iquitos, Peru

(Embark Delfin I)

Upon arrival in Iquitos, you will be met for your shared transfer to Nauta, a small riverside town on the banks of the Marañon River and the first city founded in the region of Loreto. Enjoy a VIP greeting at Delfin’s private port along the shore of the river where the vessel awaits you.

Nauta Lounge

While the Delfin begins its initial navigation, you will enjoy fantastic panoramic views from the ship’s observation area located on the third deck. Your naturalist guide will give you an overview of your journey, including a typical schedule of activities, the ship’s route, area wildlife and vegetation, geographical information, historical background and other useful details.

You will head down the River to a location known as Pahuachiro. This lovely spot is the ideal place to spend some time with your naturalist guide in search of unusual birds and playful monkeys. The landscape will be adorned by the extraordinary colors of the sun’s reflection, making it a great photo opportunity as you witness your first Amazon sunset.

Onboard Delfin IMeals: Lunch/Dinner

Day 2

Aboard Defin I

Good morning! We recommend an early wake up to experience a beautiful sunrise over one of the most important zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Never does nature seem more bountiful than in the tropics and an early start is especially rewarding since wildlife is most abundant and active with the rising of the sun. The morning hours are the best time of day to watch birds, observe their various displays and listen to their songs. Jump on the skiffs and head to Las Palmas, an area with large, old trees that create a comfortable spot for several species of parrot species. You will see a great number of other birds and you can look for the famous hoatzins nesting a few feet above water. Perhaps even a three-toed sloth or two may appear to say hello!

Next, cruise through the Yanayacu and Pucate Rivers, peeking into different creeks and lagoons. This is one of the best preserved and protected zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Your guide will use an expert eye to pinpoint all the biodiversity of this region. If you want to interact directly with the waters of the Amazon, you can head out on one of the kayaks or paddleboards. You may even have the opportunity to see the famous pink dolphins!

In the Amazon Natural Park you will have a very special opportunity to experience the only canopy walkway in this area, an experience unequaled in the rainforest! At a height of over 85 feet and extending for one-third of a mile, the canopy walkway provides views of the rainforest from the treetops, the best vantage point for observing Amazon wildlife and vegetation. The suspended walkway is spread between 14 of the area’s largest rainforest trees and is one of the longest canopy walkways in the world.

Return to the Delfin I to relax, enjoy dinner and talk about your day. After dinner, your guides will treat you to a fascinating lecture on Shamanism.

Onboard Delfin IMeals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 3


Aboard Defin I

Today starts with a cruise through the creeks of Yanayaquillo, peeking into its different creeks and lagoons along the way. This is one of the best preserved and protected zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Your guide will use an expert eye and showcase the incredible biodiversity of this region. This morning is also the time to try some piranha fishing – an activity few people can say they’ve had an opportunity to do!

Continue into the Marañon River to a location known as Piraña Caño. Explore the creek either by kayak or by skiff, both of which are fantastic options! This lovely creek leads to a lagoon and is an ideal place to spend some time in search of birds and playful monkeys. Your naturalist guide will spot various creatures for you, but now that you’ve been in the jungle for a few days, you will probably be able to pinpoint some yourself! Kayakers will love the feeling of paddling down the river with only the noises of the forest as your companion. Skiff riders will enjoy the abundant encounters with wildlife. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, you can rest assured that the landscape will be adorned with the stunning reflections of the sun on the water. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of the Amazon forest!

Return to the Delfin I for another evening of camaraderie on board!

Onboard Delfin IMeals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 4

Aboard Defin I

This morning you will hop aboard a skiff to explore Puerto Miguel. This area of the Amazon Rainforest is a terrific place to see many unique creatures hanging on the trees and enjoy amazing landscapes views.

You will get an intimate look at the Yarapa River this afternoon, so listen closely for the sounds coming from this mysterious jungle. Travel to a picturesque hidden lagoon and absorb the beauty of the landscape and its resident wildlife including hawks, terns and herons. Look out for specific types of monkeys such as the pygmy marmoset, squirrel monkey and the monk saki. This medium-sized monkey with thick fur and a bushy tail looks more like he is dressed for the Arctic than the Amazon!

In this area you will also see more human inhabitants of the Amazon, referred to as Ribereños. The local people are a critical part of this diverse area and their presence reinforces the complexity of this ecosystem.

Return to the Delfin for your final night on board.

N/AMeals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Day 5

Disembark Defin I

Today you say farewell to the ship’s crew and your fellow voyagers. Back at the port of Nauta, you will be transferred to the Iquitos airport.

En route to Iquitos, you will visit the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals also known as ‘Amazon Forever.’ You will have a chance to meet some adorable baby manatees and learn about these wonderfully docile creatures and why they are on the endangered species list today. The Center is also home to other animals that were rescued from capture and are now cared for by the staff.

Upon arrival at the airport, you will be assisted to your return flight to Lima.

N/AMeals: Breakfast