Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana

Why I’m a Consultant

My love for travel has grown so much since I joined the Travel Beyond team. Prior to starting at Travel Beyond, I had traveled outside the country only a handful of times, including studying abroad in college. As a Travel Manager for a handful of years, I aided in the booking process alongside the travel consultants and producers. My experiences have led me to be inspired by travel and constantly expanding my knowledge on new destinations. After all, knowledge is power. As a Travel Consultant, I am eager to inspire others to travel to new destinations based on my own experiences and knowledge.


BS in Marketing, Minnesota State Mankato

Why Travel Beyond

As I grow older, I realize life is too short and one should do what makes them happy. For me, traveling is fulfilling and empowering. I am not meant to work in a hospital or delve into the depths of the corporate world, I am meant to explore. I love experiencing new places and sharing my stories with others. Travel Beyond makes this possible. As stated on our website, “our world is full of magnificent places, unique cultures and amazing people. From the majestic wildlife and remote beauty of Botswana’s Okavango Delta to the stunning scenery and hospitable culture of South America, there is no shortage of destinations to add to your travel bucket list”. As for me, my bucket list keeps growing to the corners of the world I never knew were possible.

Most Memorable Travel Experience

My family and I travelled to Costa Rica over the holiday season of 2015-2016. As a destination that offers many adventure activities, we decided to embark on a white-water rafting excursion. We began to make our way down the river, when we started to hear the rapids get louder and louder. As we came around a bend in the river, we could see we were going straight toward a 12-foot waterfall. Once we realized there was no other option but to go over the falls, there was little time to panic. As I was in the front of the raft, I pushed off and dove into the water below. I surfaced and frantically called out for my parents to make sure they were safe. All were safe and no one was injured and we happened to be the only raft to capsize on the tour (go figure). This was definitely an adrenaline experience that I don’t think my family will ever forget.

My Most Recent Trip

I recently returned from Tanzania in February 2018 on a 2-week educational trip. My colleague and I did a northern circuit starting in Tarangire National Park and ending in the Northern Serengeti. We were able to experience the Ngorongoro Crater, “The Great Migration” in the Southern Serengeit and countless wildlife encounters.