Why I’m a Travel Manager

Travel is an important part of my life, and as a Travel Manager I get to spend my work days assisting clients plan their own dream trips, while learning about new destinations as I go. I also get the invaluable experience of learning from the very knowledgeable and spirited consultants of Travel Beyond to develop my own expertise.


BA in Anthropology and Classical Civilizations, University of Massachusetts – Amherst.

While attending school, I was fortunate to study abroad in Florence, Italy, where I traveled the country extensively, taste testing every gelato shop from Como to Sicily.

Why Travel Beyond

Travel is fun, and the atmosphere of Travel Beyond reflects this fact. I love working at Travel Beyond because of the lively and eccentric staff that has been brought together by their mutual love of travel.

Most Memorable Travel Experience

My most memorable experience abroad was a visit to Rome where I stumbled upon the Roman Forum. While I have in time discovered a passion for learning about classical civilizations, when I traveled to Italy I did not know one fact about the country’s history! After my first day in Rome, I decided to take a midnight walk to the Colosseum to see this majestic colossal structure lit up in the dark of night. To get to the Roman Amphitheater, I walked right past a bunch of marble ruins (also known as the Roman Forum), and I felt as though I had stumbled upon my own grand archaeological find. It was a truly magical experience.

My Most Recent Trip

Recently I traveled to Greece to explore Athens, Volos, and the islands of Milos and Mykonos. Milos turned out to be my favorite destination of the trip, with far fewer tourists than most popular islands, but many more beaches. My best day was a boat cruise around the island, snorkeling and exploring the most beautiful and secluded beaches on the island of Milos.