Travel Beyond Nominated for “World’s Best” Award!

Travel Beyond is honored to be nominated for the prestigious Travel + Leisure World’s Best List as a “Top 10 Safari Outfitter” for 2022!

Nominees for the World’s Best list are reviewed by readers who rate safari outfitters on “staff and guides, itineraries and destinations, activities, accommodations, food and overall value.”

We would be honored to receive your vote for this distinguished award. As our mission states, “Travel Beyond is a company of travel specialists dedicated to designing custom journeys that responsibly immerse guests into some of the world’s most inspiring destinations.” We trust that you have experienced this with us and that you will support us with your vote.

The process takes just a few minutes. Visit the Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards voting site and follow the quick instructions below!

  1. Register or Login with email, password, confirm password, and zip code
  2. Choose to rate the “tour operator and safari outfitters” category
  3. Select the safari operators you want to rate—ordered alphabetically
  4. Rate the various categories based on your experience with Travel Beyond
  5. Travel Beyond will “turn green” as an indication that you have rated it
  6. You can also choose to rate other nominees in the various categories of the awards.

Thank you for your kind support!

The Travel Beyond Team