Weaving Together a Vibrant Itinerary in Peru

Meander the streets of Peru’s highland villages and you’re apt to find Peruvian women weaving intricate patterns into vivid textiles. These famous hand-spun blankets and articles of clothing employ wool from Andean alpacas, boast a rainbow of vibrant colors from dyes found in nature and are the result of production techniques dating back 10,000 years ago.

As the world’s longest continuous textile production in history, the Peruvian textile tradition has lasted through the rise and fall of the Inca empire, the span of Spanish conquistadors and the current era of globalization.

Designing a trip to Peru is much like weaving Andean textiles—focused on traditional technique and quality, but personalized with colors and patterns to make each final “product” unique.

Courtesy Travel Beyond client Al Esther
Courtesy Travel Beyond client Al Esther

A Mighty Past

Peru is perhaps best known for its ruins of the Inca empire. most notably the hundreds of 15th century buildings, temples and residences at Machu Picchu. Travelers visiting the iconic destination and surrounding mountains are awarded soul-stirring views of mountains, jungle and valley and the opportunity to wander through the structures while imagining the Inca way of life.

Each site of ruins in Peru offers a unique reason to visit. The Sacred Valley showcases brilliant irrigation and agricultural systems seemingly years ahead of their 13th-15th century origins. The layered Inca fortress of Cusco serves as a physical example of both Inca and Spanish lasting influence. These physical remnants of the mighty Inca empire offer travelers a chance to dive into a living history of Peru. For active travelers, the many paths of the Inca trail thread the ruins of the Sacred Valley with Machu Picchu and give hikers a chance to experience the spirit of the ancient sites at a slower pace.

Sacred Valley

Patterned Landscapes

The natural patterns of Peru enhance itineraries with features like stunning Andean mountain scenery or the lovely shores of Lake Titicaca, which offer a relaxing break. The Peruvian Amazon nourishes the region’s densest concentration of wildlife in lush jungles. For travelers seeking a splash of adventure, the Amazon experience adds an exciting element to any trip.

The colors of Peru blossom in vibrant cities, in local squares and markets abuzz with activity and in the fusion of flavors in the gastro-capital of Lima. The people of Peru add the warmest colors to any itinerary, eager to share the ancient ways of the Incas and the richness of Peruvian culture with guests.

Peru’s diverse accommodation portfolio offers modern luxury amenities in spaces with personality and character all their own, from charming old monasteries and riverside casitas to upscale ocean-view high rises and boutique properties with trendy artwork. Whether travelers are looking for five-star city hotels or remote eco-lodges, the diversity of Peruvian accommodation adds a final pattern to the brightly artistic itinerary.

Your Trip to Peru

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Thanks to Travel Beyond client Al Esther for the vibrant images in this article!