A nation of islands, each with iconic allure: the beaches of Bali, the orangutans of Borneo, Komodo’s famous dragons or a cup of java on Java. Indonesia’s islands are unlike any other.

“Activities in Indonesia greatly vary by island and travel style: hike through jungles, immerse yourself in local customs, explore the underwater world and raise a glass to jaw-dropping sunsets on the beach.”—Dianna Upton, Product Manager


See and do:

  • Lounge on a pristine beach or join in water activities like snorkeling and diving or surfing in some of the world’s best locations
  • Hike a volcano to watch the sunrise from the crater
  • Participate in longstanding festivals and traditions with the locals or visit a spiritual healer
  • Photograph wild orangutans, Komodo dragons, monkeys, gorgeous landscapes and more

Pairs well with:

  • Stopover destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia

As a nation of diverse islands, there’s not one standard itinerary for visiting Indonesia. Each island has a distinct personality, natural draw, accommodation style and wildlife offering all its own.

Indonesia’s best-known island is Bali, where travelers can relax on gorgeous beaches, hike to secret jungle waterfalls, participate in Hindu customs and more. Komodo, famous for its Komodo Dragons, boasts some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving on the planet, while Borneo touts its wild orangutans and biodiverse rainforest as must-see attractions. On Java, travelers can taste the famous local coffee, visit the largest Buddhist monument in the world and explore charming villages, volcanoes, rice terraces and more.

Accommodation in Indonesia is varied and eclectic—from private pool villas at luxury beach resorts to intimate romantic jungle hideaways. Houseboats (or klotoks) in Borneo float down lazy waters while mountain lodges provide stunning views of valleys below.

Trip Inspirations

Romance and relaxation in Indonesia

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