The relaxation and barefoot luxury found in Mozambique is the perfect complement to an active and adventurous safari.  Mozambique is a stunning coastal paradise with beautiful turquoise water, vibrant marine life, tantalizing sunsets and wonderful starry skies. The colors and flavors are invigorating and the mood is peaceful.

“Mozambique is such a special place; the highlight of my time there was the incredibly sincere hospitality I received from the staff at the lodges, as well as from the local villagers.”


See and do:

  • Snorkeling to view the colorful fish found in Mozambique’s crystal clear waters
  • Enjoy a dhow cruise to experience sailing like the locals
  • Walk the beach or simply relax and enjoy the views

Pairs well with:

  • Safari destinations such as South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe


The opportunity for relaxation and barefoot luxury offered in visit to Mozambique is the perfect complement to the fast pace of a safari.  Here, guests can sleep in late, enjoy a full day of lying on a pristine beach, read a book steps away from the ocean, or enjoy activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Many of Mozambique’s islands boast no roads or stores–only pure, barefoot, postcard luxury in one of the world’s most beautiful beach destinations–while its cities feature Portuguese colonial architecture, flowering tree-lined streets, and unique historical and cultural attractions.

While visiting Mozambique, a dhow cruise is a must.  These traditional sailing vessels are crafted by hand and painted in vivid color. Their sails are pieced together like a patchwork quilt. Mozambicans primarily use the dhow as a mode of transportation, but an evening cruise will affords guests the opportunity to photograph Mozambique’s stunning sunset.

Lodging in Mozambique is intimate and sincere hospitality shines forth.  The harmony that exists between lodges and the local community is apparent and guests are welcomed warmly by the local community.


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