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Vietnam entices all five senses. The alluring wisps of incense at Buddhist temples, the distinctive cuisine with its fresh herbs and spices (considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide), the bustling sounds of daily markets and the varied textures of Hoi An’s colorful fabrics make Vietnam a captivating destination. Yet the sights of Vietnam are the most memorable: the regal tombs of Imperial emperors in Hue, striking limestone karsts rising out of Halong Bay, colorful fishing villages, rolling countryside hills patterned with terraced rice fields and the fusion of East-meets-West where Chinese temples sit alongside French colonial villas.

“Vietnam is many destinations wound into one country! From North to South, the climate, scenery, history, religion, customs and food varies unbelievably.”—Dianna Upton, Consultant


See and do:

  • Photograph the classically beautiful boulevards and French-inspired architecture of Hanoi
  • Enjoy bustling Saigon’s galleries, restaurants and museums
  • Kayak amid Halong Bay’s impressive limestone pillars
  • Explore the UNESCO town of Hoi An and swim in the waters of the South China Sea
  • Experience a floating market in Can Tho

Pairs well with:

  • Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar – Vietnam itself is deserving of a 10-day visit to experience the incredible diversity it offers, but pairs well with other countries in Southeast Asia.

For many, the mind’s image of Vietnam is inspired in part by media coverage of the Vietnam War. Perhaps that’s why most travelers are surprised to discover the warmth of the Vietnamese people and the incredible diversity of Vietnam’s landscapes and destinations. From the jaw-dropping Halong Bay, stunning sand dunes of Mui Ne, charming lantern-lined streets of Hoi An and the enchanting French Colonial influence in Hanoi, the “Paris of the East,” Vietnam’s diverse offerings shine forth.

Vietnam’s geographic length provides distinct climates and varying seasonality, from the crisp coolness of the northern alpine forests and mountains of Dalat to the humid and lush Mekong Delta in the south. Choosing the correct time to travel to Vietnam is as important as choosing personalized activities, from a shopping adventure in Hoi An for a custom-made outfit from skillful tailors or a private cooking class with a famous chef in Hanoi.

Vietnam’s accommodations offer an array of options for the range of travelers whom they welcome. City-dwellers might enjoy stylish boutiques just steps from galleries and restaurants. Honeymooners will relish beachside villas with infinity pools and sunrise views. Properties with a French Colonial influence instill a romantic feel of a bygone era, while dramatic landscapes of ocean and mountain retreats add an element of adventure for any traveler to Vietnam.

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